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Dramaturgie sonore
Dramaturgie sonore
Dramaturgie sonore
Dramaturgie sonore
Dramaturgie sonore

Publié le: 21 août 2017

A cut from Dylan Thomas’ Under Milk Wood


Performance on a San Francisco pier, with sound collage and sound design constructed from original San Francisco field recordings.

Under Milk Wood is Dylan Thomas’s classic poem-play for radio. Under Milk Wood is one of the strongest examples of the marriage between theatre and radio writing found in the public domain. Under Milk Wood is the portrayal of a day in the life of the sleepy fictional Welsh town of Llareggub. Our performance will exist within a 30 minute run time, with the performance focusing on Llareggub’s morning. Which explores the dreams of waking Llareggub citizens, as they wake and attend the morning sermon.

The characters in Under Milk Wood live incredibly nautical lives, to reflect this, our performance will be recorded on location on a San Francisco pier. The sounds of the ocean and permeate our recording, and the breeze of the ocean wind will fuel our performance.

In lieu of classic radio foley techniques, we will incorporate playback from field recordings found around San Francisco. The chapel bells of the fictional Llareggub may be extracted from San Francisco’s Old St. Mary’s Cathedral. The music from Coronation street may be compiled from street performers of the San Francisco wharf.



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