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Dramaturgie sonore
Dramaturgie sonore
Dramaturgie sonore
Dramaturgie sonore
Dramaturgie sonore

Publié le: 21 août 2017



ÉTATS-UNIS, SAN FRANCISCO is a collective of artists, designers, and performers. Our mission is to explore storytelling through sound art, performance, and media. As designers, we provide sound design for theatre-makers in our community. As storytellers, we commission the production of new plays and adaptations, with using podcasting as a development tool. Artistic Director James Ard constructs sound for theatre performances around the Bay Area, and is currently working at the American Conservatory Theater, providing sound design for their Masters of Fine Arts program. More info can be found at, and our podcast can be found at


Additional Info

Produced by

Recorded on Pier 7, in San Francisco, California.

Directed by

Taylor Wuthrich

Sound Design by

James Ard
Rachel Silverman

Field Recording & Engineering by

Tony Gonzalez
Sara Witsch


Maya Smoot
Bruce Avery
Matt Monaco
Andrew Tinsman
Joey Prata
Rosie Anderson
Jarrett Spiller
Alex Skinner
Elliot Lieberman
Steven McCloud
Regina Leon
Drew Wolff
Devon deGroot
Kyle Merryman
Elyssa Mersdorf
Rebecca Hodges
Megan Lipari
Lynne Bell
Sara Witsch
Jamie Ballesta
Pablo Hamlin
Juliana Lustenader
Bill Peters
Terry Boero

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