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Dramaturgie sonore
Dramaturgie sonore
Dramaturgie sonore
Dramaturgie sonore
Dramaturgie sonore

Publié le: 21 août 2017

The Sound of a Hidden Tulip: Bringing Art Conservation to Radio


This collaborative 2-5 minute radio piece will attempt to translate the traditionally visual-centric experience of art appreciation and conservation into audio. Currently the subject of a focus exhibition at the Indianapolis Museum of Art (IMA), Ambrosius Bosschaert the Younger’s Flowers in a Glass Vase (c1630is on display to highlight the discovery of a hidden semper augustus tulip that was uncovered during its treatment. As a ‘top flower,’ the tulip would have been considered the most important flower in the still life, yet it was painted over during a previous conservation campaign. This radio piece will present the story around this piece, including information about Bosschaert, tulipmania (1630s), and the most recent conservation treatment of the work at the IMA. It will attempt to capture the sounds of this journey to render it vivid for the mind’s eye.


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